Doğan Yıldız Group, whose success story had begun in 2007, is now one of the prestigious and trusted manufacturers of pressure vessels in the Globe. Today, Group that is known for its high quality and reliability; designs and manufactures Industrial Vehicles for LPG, Anhydrous Ammonia, Oil Products, Powder Granules, Food Stuff, Chemical Products and also Industrial Storage Tanks for LPG and Compressed Air Applications.

storage tank

Dogan Yildiz, which started the success story in 2007, has become one of the reputable, reliable manufacturers of the pressure containers sector.

In the production of quality and confidence in the manufacturing of pressure containers, the nature and confidence are today in the production facility of the new and modern 21,000 m2 production facility, LPG tank trailer, ammonium, air tank storage and transport tanks are manufactured.

DOGAN YİLDİZ GROUP, which combines knowledge and experience with the acquisition of human strength and high quality understanding of the growth of human strength and high quality, has 80% of its production, while holding 20% of the internal market in the production of pressurized containers.

 Through to its customer-oriented studies and national and international quality certificates it has received with its continuous improvement in production quality, it is on the list of suppliers of the world's most reputable organizations in the energy market and offers products to these organizations.

It has become one of the few facilities of our country with its advanced technology welding automations, cutting, forming machines as well as surface preparation and wet paint application facility investments.

In 2015 and 2016, our group company PETROGAS A.Ş. which ranked among the top 100 exporters in Turkey among the top 100 exporters in the Automotive Group, continues to contribute to the economy of our country with the employment and export power it has created in its sector.

We have always sold our products that we have sold is a consciousness that is still part of our brand, in the sense of remote assistance, continuous technical support, commissioning services and systems for system updates and improvements throughout the lives of products.

Dogan Yildiz Group adopts an innovation-oriented perspective with the group companies advancing with the goal of becoming a world brand. R&D and innovation are among the top priorities for both stakeholders and Dogan Yildiz Group. In this context, Dogan Yildiz Group increases its innovation and R&D investments day by day, thus successfully responding to the needs of the markets in the highest quality and most competitive way.

Within this year, it was aimed to provide more effective sales and after-sales services of our products, which have become a sought-after brand among the countries included in the Federation with the investment of new companies established in Russia, and in this context, sales, after-sales service and spare parts application were initiated.

Our new product, "SUPERLIGHT", which has reached the level of completion of R&D studies, aims to sign a principle in our country with semi-trailer LPG transport tanks with the highest carrying capacity!!!

In 2010, with our country becoming a party to the ADR Convention, Dogan Yildiz started infrastructure (semi-trailer) and superstructure works in accordance with ADR regulation and became one of the first companies to complete the certification process for LPG Transport Tanks with ADR by TSE.

Within the framework of the protocol signed between  T.C. Ministry of Transport, Maritime affairs and Communication  and TSE, Dogan Yildiz will start to serve as "VEHICLE AND SUPERSTRU STRUCTURE INSPECTION CENTER" from 2018 for the purpose of ADR conformity assessment of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.

Our group's corporate future;

  • We protect what exists for sustainable and profitable growth!
  • We develop new opportunities by understanding changing needs!
  • We are moving forward with a strong corporate structure by feeding on our roots!
  • We guide the future with the power of our employees!

It is prepared with its principles.

Dogan Yildiz Group will continue to be the brand of the global energy sector by offering boutique, innovative, economical and quality solutions to the needs of our business partners with its mission led by the values of Honesty, Humility, Service, Respect and Excellence.