Doğan Yıldız Group, whose success story had begun in 2007, is now one of the Prestigious and Trusted manufacturers of Industrial Vehicles and Pressure Vessels in the Globe.

Today, Group that is known for its high quality and reliability; designs and manufactures Industrial Vehicles for LPG, Anhydrous Ammonia, Oil Products, Powder Granules, Food Stuff, Chemical Products and also Industrial Storage Tanks for LPG and Compressed Air Applications.

Doğan Yıldız Group embraces an innovation-oriented view and keeps moving forward on its path for being one of the global brands by continuously investing in latest technology, and thus responds to market needs successfully in the highest quality and competitiveness

We, Doğan Yıldız Group will continue to be a global brand by offering Boutique-innovative-affordable-high quality solutions, with a mission of Honesty, Modesty, Service, Respect and Excellence.

Group secures its position in the supplier lists of the most prestigious organizations in the global market in energy field by Customer-orientated approach, continuous improvement of production quality and having certificates from worldwide inspection authorities.

As Turkey joined ADR Convention in 2010, Doğan Yıldız Group began to work on the semi-trailer and super-structures that are in line with ADR regulation, and became one of the first firms to complete Turkish Standards Institution certification process for LPG Transportation Tanks with ADR license.

Within the framework of the protocol which signed between the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Turkish Standards Institution, Maritime Affairs and Communications , Doğan Yıldız Group became "VEHICLE and ADR SUPERSTRUCTURE INSPECTION CENTER".

Due to the high demand for our products, we established a branch in Russia and aimed to enable more effective sales and after-sales services for our products in Russian Federation and customs union countries such as Kazakhistan, Belarus, Kirghizistan….

Group prepares for the future by
  1. Preserving the available for a sustainable and profitable growth,
  2. Developing new opportunities by understanding ever-changing needs,
  3. Moving forward with a strong corporate structure taking power from its past and its team members
  1. Exporting to over 38 countries in the globe
  2. Approved supplier of BP, SHELL, TOTAL
  3. Well known brand name in Turkey and Russian Federation
  4. Registered and Certificated by TSE (Turkish Standards Instution)
  5. WE ARE IN TOP 1,000 EXPORTERS IN 2015
  6. WE ARE IN TOP 1,000 EXPORTERS IN 2016
  7. 14 years of Customer Experience Excellence and Trending in Market